Bahnhof Data Center Constructions

Bahnhof designs and constructs highly innovative, ultra secure and cost efficient data centers. We provide the full range from modular data centers in armored military steel, to mega data centers up to 100 megawatt. Our latest two projects under evaluation, ”Nimrod” (10 MW placed direct above the main heating pump of metropolitan Stockholm) and ”Gasometer”, planned inside a gasometer from the 19th century (35 MW). In Kista a modular space station server park will open in late spring 2013, planned for up to 5 MW.

Stockholm Mega Data Centers - Gasometer and Nimrod

In this gallery section we have listed two separate current projects: Gasometer and Nimrod. For the first alternative there is two versions of design (from Albert France-Lanord, architect, and from Splitvision, industrial designers). These giant data centers provides a new innovative technology for power recycling, DCDH.